Umbria: the green heart of Italy

In a Country surrounded by four seas on three sides, the region of Umbria represent the exception.

Given its geographical position and lush vegetation, the so called “Green lung of Italy” may rightfully claim its uniqueness.

Marked here and there by ancient stone villages, Umbria was once the cradle of Medieval Culture. 

Direct signs of this ancient past, are the numerous hilltop towns surrounded by high and fortified stone walls.

If those stone walls were once meant to protect the village against the threat of nearby and foreign invaders, the former defensive borders are today the gateways to a rich culture full of history and traditions.

From music to arts, from local food to craftsmanship, the local enjoy their cultural heritage, often spontaneously revealed by the everyday life and the outdoor social gatherings or through the mise-en-scène of historical parades.

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